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Daredevil’s Special, jh

Many of you squeamish people out there have sneered at some of my culinary concoctions. Not everyone is born with taste!

HOLD your bellies, I tried a new one today.

Anyone who has kept up with my food adventures knows just how much I enjoy a pineapple and Duke’s Mayo sandwich on FRESH white bread. Well, I had my standard one today, Then, I took it up a notch!

Now, stay with me….I globbed heaps of  Peter Pan, crunchy, honey-flavored  peanut butter on one side of the bread.

Before you wince, think on this…. I LOVE to eat! I’m not the bravest soul in the world–bungee jumping,has never been even a remote desire–but I ate it. I devoured it. I valiantly fought making a third sandwich, but wisdom and my phobic reaction to sit-ups kicked in pleading with me to stop….

Now, it’s your turn!

Give me a holler if you need further prep instructions….OR, just pop on by the Bluejay Cafe and I’ll custom mash one together for you. *


*ALL Employees must wash hands before serving customers



Fragments Of Me

The Lonely Author


When we were young our lives consisted of questions.

The questions we needed answered. The hundreds of questions our parents and teachers asked.

But a ten year old was never meant to have all the answers.

My classmates attended the big party. Stupid me promised to dance with every girl. Boys stood on one side, girls on the other.

My friends taunted me. “Go dance.”

With wobbly knees and sweaty forehead, I tried to look cool.

Then I spotted Lisa Big Boobies Barelli. Oh my, she could fill up a B-cup like no other girl in school.

Ever since kindergarten when she first smiled at me, I knew the other girls didn’t compare. Lisa had all her teeth.

From across the room I admired her.

Who cares if she had rounder cheeks than the other girls?

Lisa had something the skinny girls didn’t have.

She had curves.

Deep breath…..I broke the…

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