Silver Linings…. I’ve met many wonderful people because I mistook them for others….

Never lose touch with your laughter….

Dare to look behind the curtain…Is the monster real?….

Humility begins with admitting “I might be wrong.”….

I prefer the invisible hands that guide my values to the heavy hands of would-be reformers….

I’m equally leery of ALL RADICAL-change theorists….

There are too many shouting matches and not enough conversations….

Be careful who you listen to; the lunatics often have the loudest voices….

Stay Strong, Stand Firm

Breathe Think Write Release

Stay strong stand firm
They’ll try to steal your joy
They’ll try to put out your fire
They’ll try to crush your dreams
They’ll try to silence your chatter

They see the power within you
They see the light shine through
They see the beauty in your eyes
They see the real in your smile

They’ll see the truth
They’ll say it’s lies
They’ll hear the lies
They’ll take their sides

Don’t let them taint your soul
Don’t let them corrupt your mind
They can never steal your essence
They can never steal your shine

You must stay strong and stand firm
You must smile wide, you know the truths they do not yearn
I promise, what you give will come back
I promise, hold your ground and the ground will hold you back

-Dionne MT-
Breathe Think Write Release

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The Moon is Blue (1953): The Cleanest Condemned Movie in Cinema

Ahhhh…A tamer time….

Cinema Crossroads


Hawkeye: I’m outraged! It’s a disgrace. I’ve never seen a cleaner movie in my life.
B.J.: There was more filth and dirt in this morning’s breakfast.
Father Mulcahy: Well, one of the actors did say “virgin.”
Hawkeye: That’s because everyone was.

M*A*S*H, Season 11, Episode 8: “The Moon is Not Blue”

William Holden has become my favorite actor since I binge-watched seven of his movies for the Marathon Stars Blogathon this past March. I can’t get enough of the guy, so I was thrilled to have an opportunity to participate in this Golden Boy Blogathon dedicated to the actor. This time, I decided to tackle one of his lesser-known films, and a rather notorious one at that.

b70-4867I was introduced to The Moon is Blue in March during TCM’s Condemned series, which showcased movies found objectionable by the Catholic Legion of Decency

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