Stay Strong, Stand Firm

Breathe Think Write Release

Stay strong stand firm
They’ll try to steal your joy
They’ll try to put out your fire
They’ll try to crush your dreams
They’ll try to silence your chatter

They see the power within you
They see the light shine through
They see the beauty in your eyes
They see the real in your smile

They’ll see the truth
They’ll say it’s lies
They’ll hear the lies
They’ll take their sides

Don’t let them taint your soul
Don’t let them corrupt your mind
They can never steal your essence
They can never steal your shine

You must stay strong and stand firm
You must smile wide, you know the truths they do not yearn
I promise, what you give will come back
I promise, hold your ground and the ground will hold you back

-Dionne MT-
Breathe Think Write Release

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