“Do not let your difficulties fill you with anxiety, after all, it is only in the darkest nights that stars shine more brightly.” ~Hazrat Ali How often do we let our circumstances spiral us into a dark or negative place? Even worse, how often do we let our imagination conjure up some negative outcome based entirely […]

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Jimbo Henderson‘s quotes

“Many theories and certainties have failed the ‪Test of Time….jh”

Certainty Hubris Overconfidence Theories

Jimbo Henderson

“Our imaginary monsters scare us the most….jh”

Confidence Fear Regret Uncertainty

Jimbo Henderson

“When you love a lot, you lose a lot…. But it’s worth it….jh”

Betrayal  Loss Love Memories

Jimbo Henderson

“Conversations require LISTENING as well as SPEAKING….jh”

Communication Conversations Listening Speaking Understanding

Jimbo Henderson

“I hate Ruffling people’s feathers, but sometimes we all need a bit of grooming….jh”

Controvery Correction Criticism Viewpoints

Jimbo Henderson

“If we accept the unacceptable, we contribute to it….jh”

A Better World Civility Ethics Justice Morality

Jimbo Henderson

“We often talk too much about too little….jh”

Conversation Overthinking Wasted Time

Jimbo Henderson

Loving someone is way easier than un-loving them…. jh”

Love Relationships  Romance

Jimbo Henderson

“I wish knowing what you SHOULD do was as easy to figure out as what you SHOULDN’T do!…. jh”

Advice Virtue Wisdom

Jimbo Henderson

“Misery is easy to find when we look for it….jh”

Delight Optimism Positive Attitude Wisdom

Jimbo Henderson

“If Scared by our scars, we feed our defeats…. jh”

Courage Defeat Difficulties Trials

Jimbo Henderson

“I’ve met Too Early but have no clue who Too Late is…. jh”


Jimbo Henderson

“If you keep picking bad fruit, maybe you need to learn what good fruit is….jh”

Choices Friendship Romance

Jimbo Henderson

“We all want to be heard so much that we sometimes forget to listen.” jh”

Community Listening Wisdom

Jimbo Henderson

“We each have a right to our confident ignorance but NOT the right to IMPOSE it on others….”

Certainty Hubris Pride Zealotry

Jimbo Henderson

FreeAdvice (Two-cents Worth)

Quotes from Burgandise….jh

If you’re trying to help make the soup, try to add something besides bitterness….jh

Social involvement
You have to be at the bargaining table to be a part of the discussion….jh

#CalmerVoices Despite widespread rumors, yelling is NOT strongly correlated with being more correct in a discussion….jh

#CalmerVoices We need to work really hard on re-teaching that old school Talk/Listen speech paradigm….jh


Silver Linings…. I’ve met many wonderful people because I mistook them for others….

Never lose touch with your laughter….

Dare to look behind the curtain…Is the monster real?….

Humility begins with admitting “I might be wrong.”….

I prefer the invisible hands that guide my values to the heavy hands of would-be reformers….

I’m equally leery of ALL RADICAL-change theorists….

There are too many shouting matches and not enough conversations….

Be careful who you listen to; the lunatics often have the loudest voices….