Miscellany by jh

Miscellany Quotes of mine….

  • Learning is so difficult for those who have already figured everything out….
  • Among my greatest hopes in this day of unfiltered free speech is that there are those with real solutions who are keeping their mouths closed….
  • You’ll find all the trouble you look for….
  • Parents:
    Are you being a good example?….
  • Two ears….One mouth….
    Perhaps we could improve our understanding of others more by asking questions rather than by offering answers….
  • Free speech, like censorship, can be VERY ugly sometimes….
  • BE the CHANGE you want to see (copied)
  • Respect: Do unto others…is a reciprocal thing
  • We need to get outside our own comfort zone of ideas. Even some of the most open-minded people are really deluding themselves….
  • President’s Day: I think I’ll celebrate Garfield today….Seemed like a decent guy…. Or maybe Coolidge; he left us alone….

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