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 I haven’t stopped cooking up stories or aphorisms and such; it’s just that I haven’t added them to the menu lately…either here or at my companion chef’s site:….

As any good southerner would say, I’ll get back with you directly. I have a great deal on my Maybe to do List….

In the meantime, I hope everyone is eating well and laughing when they can…. jh

It is that simple…Jimbo Henderson

It is that simple…

It’s a theme from a recent movie called Bleed for This.

Tavis Smiley was interviewing actor Aaron Eckhart, who starred in the movie. Eckhart spoke of how we “talk ourselves out of our dreams.” He said he had learned, often, “It is THAT simple.” He had learned to quit arguing with what his gut feelings told him.

As an illustration, he told a story of a time when something told him “Go eat breakfast at the hospital today.” He wasn’t sure WHY this thought occurred to him; he just did it!

Reflecting on it, he says he doesn’t know what the gesture may have meant. He probably NEVER will know….It didn’t matter to him. Perhaps he sat near someone who needed his presence in some way. Maybe he smiled at someone who needed a smile.

When I heard Eckhart talking about this, it resonated deeply with me. We very often don’t realize in what ways our lives affect others.  The “hospital” part really connected with me.

It’s probably been 15 or more years since my mind captured– for no apparent reason–a “moment” such as this. They don’t make enough megapixels to detail how vividly I still recall it.

An elderly man and his son—I assumed—were walking into Memorial Hospital. They appeared to be checking in. The older man seemed very anxious. I sensed that the son was hiding his anxiousness. I vividly remember my intense interest in what the two might have been feeling and thinking at that moment.

There was a connection made with me that I am certain the two of them NEVER realized. But, for me, it was REAL! I have re-lived this seemingly random episode often. My mind is full of moments such as these. They all add up to make us who we are.

I have a pretty good memory. I’ve heard it said that such a memory can be both a blessing and a curse. As I make my way through life’s journey,

I try my best to focus on those moments that say something positive and useful to me.

Such moments sustain me. It is that simple!



How Doctors Treat….

UL 26Some dreams come true. Some do not. One of my quotes is “You’d believe in dreams, too, if you’d had as many come true as me.”

For the first 20 plus years of my life, I wanted to be a doctor. There was no question as to what my future held in store. Except for a brief period, which my father reminded me of, where I wanted to be BOTH a garbage man AND a doctor. Also, there was a period where my best friend and I would concoct chemicals in our “JB’s Laboratory” and sell them door-to door to earn cigarette money….

Ultimately, I decided medicine was a career I passionately wanted, but for which I was temperamentally unsuited. Last night I dreamed of an old boss who has passed on. It gave me some excellent wake-up take-away.

This boss was bright and exceptionally well connected–both socially and politically. No matter who you were, however, he always made you feel special. He had a big, genuine smile and always an interest in what you had to say.

As I reflect on my dream, I think of the many other gifted, successful doctors and nurses I had the privilege of working beside while I did study and work toward a career in medicine.

Some of the most brilliant minds our city has ever known taught me.

These people taught me not only to be inquisitive and confident, but also how to treat EVERYONE like a decent, worthy human being. I can still see their smiles, hear their “Good job” compliments, and feel their pats on the back and handshakes.

Knowing these amazing people was a blessing. It was also a lesson in “the medicine” the world perhaps needs most–how to treat others well….jh